We recommend booking to ensure guaranteed seating but we certainly welcome walk-ins too.

Reservation & Booking Terms & Conditions

By making an online booking or phone booking you are agreeing to our booking terms and conditions

Reservation Confirmations

Reservations are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from our booking system.

Your table will be held for 15 minutes after your reservation time. Please advise us if you will be late.

Booking Duration

Bookings are made for a duration of 1hr and 45min. This is particularly important during peak dining times where it's likely the table has been re-booked after your allotted time. Should you require more time, we suggest you let us know at the time of booking.

Seating & Booking Requests

Due to the dynamic nature of reservations, all seating requests and / or booking notes will be taken into consideration but are not guaranteed

Group Bookings

Bookings (or walk-ins) of 9 people or more will be required to dine from our set share menu (unless otherwise organised with Antica in advance). Set share menus start at $49pp.

Dietaries for group booking set menus are to be disclosed in advance.

Food & Alcohol Licence

We are fully licensed and strictly do not allow 'byo' of any sort (drinks, food, birthday cakes, etc).

Changes & Cancellations

As a courtesy you agree to contact Antica if you have any changes, updates or need to cancel your reservation. Please note that amendments to your booking can be made via the link in your booking confirmation email.

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We're located in Wilston Village, Come say Ciao!

1 / 70 Kedron Brook Road, Wilston, Queensland, 4051

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Trading Hours may vary on public holidays